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Access sports

BMX taster sessions, Pan London, Access sports, Children & young people, 2014 , £ 4687

Following the successful model that Tower Hamlets BMX developed in 2014, Access Sport are using their CCFL grant to roll out free BMX taster sessions to schools in economically deprived areas in thirteen boroughs.

Providing this free service ensures the inclusivity of the sport, giving children that may not otherwise try this type of cycling a chance to do so. 

Or indeed, the chance for many to try cycling for the first time. In the majority of sessions there has been at least one child (and often many more) who is unable to ride a bike. Sessions are always delivered by more than one instructor so that the group can be divided in to levels and children that need to learn to cycle can receive the attention and training they need to do so. Using BMX as an exciting hook and with the help of dedicated coaches the project has helped children all over London learn to ride a bike.

The schools targeted by the programme are all located near one of the fifteen local BMX clubs in London which, similarly to the free taster sessions, offer equipment and supervision at their weekend sessions for those children that want to keep cycling. Sessions are free or in ex-change for an optional donation.

The sessions have also been offered to schools catering for children with special needs or disabilities. These sessions are delivered at the schools rather than at the BMX track and non-standard bikes, such as trikes, are provided for those children with physical disabilities. Many of these children and their parents thought they would not be able to cycle. A great number of them realise they can after attending the sessions and develop a genuine love for cycling.