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Project advice

For funded WCGL projects, case studies are carried out. Current project groups share their insights from their first year of activities, offering key tips for success to other existing or potential projects:


Planning your own project (Sustrans)

  • Flexibility is key
  • Be realistic about how long everything takes when it comes to planning and delivering your project
  • Plan your project in stages, you can’t do it all at once
  • Set reasonable targets to work towards but always be aware that things don’t always go smoothly
  • Don’t underestimate how much time you need to set up and take everything down during sessions


 How to partner with other organisations (Leyton Orient Trust)

  • Know what your strengths are and be specific about how new partners can support you 
  • Consider whether your partners can help you engage with participants through them
  • Talk to your council to find out how they could support you, for example by donating bikes or through promotion
  • Partnerships need to be of benefit to both partners - identify your strengths and weaknesses in advance, and get a solid agreement in place so you both know what's expected of you
  • Keep communication alive – identify someone who you can talk with throughout the partnership. 

How to ensure project sustainability (
Brothers on Bikes)

  • Getting people on board and engaged is key to sustainability
  • Proactively encourage your group to suggest what they want, so you can help them to achieve their goals 
  • Ascertain how you can use their enthusiasm and resources to spread the word, reach new audiences, and ensure sustainability
  • Get inventive and empower people to use resources for their own benefit – for instance, invest in a range of bikes, which could be used for led rides or hired by the community
  • Gamification of cycling, for example through Strava can inspire participants to get on their bikes to improve their own goals or beat their friends.
  • Host a maintenance session in advance of a ride so all bikes are ready and to reduce the likelihood of issues on the ride
  • Invest in your team - train them in maintenance skills and always share knowledge among your group.