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Walking and Cycling Grants London blog

Jul,2016 Misgav Summer of Cycling
A Story of courage & determination

At Misgav we transform disabilities into opportunities.

Our recent fantastic ‘Summer of Cycling’ project, generously funded by Transport for London’s Cycling Grants London, demonstrated that cycling is for all. No matter what your ability may be, everyone can learn to ride a bike and experience the freedom and thrill that a journey on two wheels can give!

The past spring/summer has been life changing for a group of learning and physically disabled young and older women living in Hackney. They have joined a weekly cycling session held at the local Finsbury Park cycling track that offers training classes with a range of adaptive bikes for all stages of ability/mobility (hand cycles, trikes, wheelchair-bikes, tandems, scooters and two-wheelers). The exciting cycling program has been led in partnership with Pedal Power and their expert team of qualified instructors – and for many disabled women, this has been a first time opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle!  This low-impact exercise has enabled all users with a wide range of disabilities to improve their fitness, strength and endurance levels and also gain confidence and independence whilst riding. The sessions have included learning basic cycle control skills for 2 wheels, trikes, using gears and teaching the Highway Code and safety rules.

We are also very fortunate to have the support of many volunteers from the local community who have been instrumental in making this exciting project happen. They have helped to keep the project costs down considerably and have patiently supported the disabled participants during each session! Thank You! 

Testimonial from Patricia Intrater of Misgav.