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Training advice

It is important that training is included in your project. Whether you intend to take participants out on led walks or bikes or not, they should be taught basic safety and control skills for their personal development. Before including the cost of training in your funding bid, check if any of these can be funded by your Borough Council. If you are including staff costs in your budget you must indicate the hourly rate and the number of hours.


Walking training

It is important that if your project involves led walks, the appropriate training is included in your project, to ensure that walk leaders are fully qualified and participants can get the most out of the project. You are able to apply for funding to train individuals in your organization, to help fulfil your project needs. It is imporatnt

General walking training can include a variety of courses from first aid, map reading, walk leader training and route planning. Different trainers offer different courses and levels of training.

The Guide to planning your project provides more information about training providers.


Cycle training

It is important that cycle training is offered to all participants in cycling projects. This is so that they can be taught the basic cycling control and safety skills for their personal cycling development. All cycle training should follow the guidance in the National Standard for Cycle Training issued by the Department for Transport.

Your project can directly offer cycle training or signpost participants to undertake free Cycle Skills sessions offered by London Boroughs. Before including the cost of cycle training in your funding application, check if any of these can be funded by your Borough Council.

You can also brush upon your Cycle Skills with the online Cycle Skills course.

More information about cycle training and providers can be found in the Guide to planning your project.