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Walking and Cycling Grants London blog

Jul,2023 WCGL
Carib & Co Brunch Summer Update
A blog written by Jade Weir-Reid, Director of Carib & Co Brunch

Carib & Co Brunch are a community organisation which run a range of event based services such as poetry and comedy evenings, art shows, music gigs and shopping experience to support local businesses, educational talks and entrepreneurship. Through the Walking and Cycling Grants London (WCGL) they have successfully run a series of walking and cycling events primarily for the Black communities and families living in Harrow & Brent.
Representation, Culture, Brunch & Music Matters. 
Representation is a key part of our work, with a strong approach of looking like our community, we knew it would help to get the message of the benefits of walking and cycling out to the black community. 
Using a variety of black history tours and activities, we were able to run a series of events that both informed and entertained. Bringing together an array of panellists to BOXPARK Wembley (Black History Studies, nutritionists, therapists, personal trainers, musicians, small businesses and community members), their open approach allowed the audience to ask honest questions and receive informed answers. This approach meant they were able to keep a natural flow to their work with elements of humour, improvisation and patience. The audience familiarised themselves with panellists so they felt comfortable with taking part in the various fitness activities. Their content was also  delivered in a fun and entertaining way.

Demonstrations of how to walk, how to run, how to cycle, how to eat healthy by showing a physical example of an adapted African and Caribbean Eat Well Guide, how to talk about your problems to promote good mental health whilst fuelled with good music, good energy, good company and good food helped our black audience in a really useful way. This was a fairly unique tactic as they turned their content into learning experiences which increased participation and engagement with walking, running and cycling. 

Without the support of the Walking and Cycling Grants London (WGCL), Carib & Co Brunch would not have been able to get involved in this work to the same level with particular reference to the range of panellists they were able to secure to lead these sessions and discussions. By working with the local community and WCGL it gave more credibility to their work so their community had more faith in the organisation and what they were doing.