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Walking and Cycling Grants London blog

Jun,2024 Grounded Ecotherapy Grounded Ecotherapy Cycling Project: ‘Change Gear’
Grounded Ecotherapy Cycling Project: ‘Change Gear’

Grounded Ecotherapy provides therapy through horticulture for people who have lived through addiction or homelessness. The projects we run is a means of offering support as well as opportunities for personal growth and professional 

Using the Walking and Cycling Grant London (WCGL) we have been able to set up ‘Change Gear’ and purchase a cargo bike. Volunteers and staff can cycle to our different community garden sites and using the cargo bike help deliver tools, equipment and plants and keep fit at the same time! As a conservationist group, by encouraging cycling we will operate in a green and ethical way.

Being part of Grounded Ecotherapy has helped one of our volunteers’ mental health: “Gardening is really fulfilling, in knowing that you’ve done something for the environment and it makes the place look good. I’ve made some good friends too, and I’m always learning things as well. The skills I’ve gained in the garden will help me to get up and get out early in the morning. And the experience I get here is helping to keep my mind occupied too.”