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Walking and Cycling Grants London blog

Mar,2024 WCGL
London Cycling Club: Removing barriers and empowering our community

London Cycling Club/Londra Bisiklet Kulubu is a community-based cycling group in Edmonton and Tottenham, supporting children and families from ethnic minority backgrounds to cycle safely together.

Our project Kids Bike Library provides accessible, inclusive and inspiring cycling opportunities aimed at motivating more children and families in Edmonton and Tottenham to participate in cycling activities. With a focus on creating positive change for marginalised and economically disadvantaged children, families and refugees, the project addresses the barriers of bike ownership and lack of confidence in these communities. 

We offer free bike borrowing to remove the financial constraints of cycle ownership. We also provide cycle skills training for children to instill confidence and safety awareness, as well as learn-to-fix bike maintenance workshops for parents to empower them and ensure sustainability in cycling practices. These initiatives aim not only to teach children and families safe bike riding, but also to make cycling more accessible and affordable.

The project is made possible through funding from WCGL, enabling us to purchase new children's bikes, and provide cycle training and bike maintenance workshops on Saturdays and during school holidays. These activities play a crucial role in offering much-needed support and encouragement to the participating children and families from these communities.

The project's ultimate vision is to create a community where children and families can embrace cycling as a means to improve physical and mental wellbeing, while fostering a sense of empowerment and togetherness. One child that took part in our school half term cycling course said, "I absolutely love learning to ride a bike. It makes me feel good. All the teachers are great. Thank you.”

The majority of our staff and volunteers are from ethnic minority groups, with proficiency in languages such as Turkish, Kurdish, Albanian, and Bulgarian. This has fostered a welcoming environment and has strengthened community bonds. The project's impact goes beyond physical health; it also promotes positive mental health and self-esteem.

Building on what we have learnt so far, we plan to expand the program to reach more diverse communities, focus on sustainability through long-term funding and partnerships, deepen community engagement by partnering with more organisations and schools, tailor workshops to cater to diverse needs and preferences, and advocate for systemic change to promote inclusive and accessible cycling for all.

Kids Bike Library serves as a powerful example of the positive impact cycling can have. By carrying forward these valuable lessons, London Cycling Club strives to create a London where everyone can experience the joy and empowerment of cycling.

If you or someone you know would like to join us, look at our website for more information.