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Walking and Cycling Grants London blog

Feb,2019 Wheely Tots test
When Wheely Tots met Carry Me Bikes

CarryMe Bikes and Wheely Tots both met as grant awardess of Cycling Grants London (CGL).

After meeting at several CGL networking events, the two projects decided to pool together their resources and collaborate on Carryme Tots and Cargobikes sessions, where Wheely Tots provide mechanic and cycle instructor suppport and where CarryMe Bikes provided expert support and showcased the mobile Hackney Family Cycling Library.

This short video captures some of their shared experiences and offers suggestions for how other groups can think about working together.  

Carryme Bikes C.I.C. is a social enterprise based in East London which helps families, tradespeople, businesses, services and indeed anyone move their precious cargo by bicycle instead of by car or van. By running funded projects to help people access cargo bikes, they're helping people and goods to be transported in a healthy, good value, environmentally friendly and practical way.

Wheely Tots is a registered children’s charity that believes all children should be healthy, confident and resilient. They make this possible by providing inclusive, friendly and rewarding family oriented events and sessions. They specialize in parent & toddler balance bike sessions from age 14 months upwards and provide tools, support and help for the whole family.